Computer installation and repairs - Mac & PC

Installation and repair

We offer expertise in the global management of all your MacOS and Windows IT equipment.

We can advise you on your purchases and supply you with the hardware and software you need. We guarantee an after-sales service, so you don't have to deal with the manufacturers yourself.

We install and configure your Internet network, WiFi access, surveillance cameras, backup servers and security systems (firewalls and antivirus).

Our services meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, as well as private individuals.

Our aim is to ensure the continuity and efficiency of your IT environment, with solutions tailored to your needs and budget.

Enterprise network management

Artamedia administers and maintains your IT network at peak efficiency. 

Our services include the wired or wireless installation of all your equipment connected to your corporate network. We can also network offices in different geographical locations.

Our focus is on data security and availability at all times. On request, we can set up 24/7 monitoring. If necessary, we can intervene remotely and immediately, or on site at very short notice.

We offer proactive maintenance and expert technical support, ensuring the highest performance from your network. Benefit from a tailor-made solution, adapted to the specific needs of your business, for reliable connectivity and increased productivity.

Enterprise network management
Installation d

Audiovisual equipment

Artamedia installs the most high-performance audiovisual systems on the market, whether in your home or your business..

Would you like to benefit from a quality audio system and the latest generation televisions? We'll advise you on your purchases and supply the equipment you need. We install and configure your multimedia devices according to your preferences.

Benefit from our expertise and after-sales service without having to worry about the hassle of installation and repairs. We guarantee you pure entertainment at the best price.

We work with Samsung, Sony, LG, Sonos, Klipsch, Bang & Olufsen and many others. These brands innovate by integrating advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and Internet of Things connectivity to offer an enriching and immersive user experience.

MagicINFO™ Screens

Artamedia is a certified Samsung partner for the installation of your advertising and information LED screens..

MagicINFO™ is a dynamic content management solution developed by Samsung, designed for the control and management of digital content on display screens.

It allows users to create, program and distribute multimedia content on display screens, making this solution ideal for advertising displays, information panels and internal communications in a variety of environments such as commercial spaces, educational establishments and public places.

Visit the manufacturer's website to find out more.

MagicINFO by Samsung
Websites and mobile applications development

Creation of websites and mobile apps

We create websites and Apps tailored to your image and your target audience.

With our many years of experience, we can create any type of website. Whether you need a high-performance e-commerce site or a simple showcase website, Artamedia has the solution to meet your needs and budget.

We take particular care to optimise organic referencing and user experience. Our solid expertise in digital communication and our ability to adapt to your budget guarantee you excellent value for money.

As a partner of Infomaniak, we reserve your domain names and manage the hosting of your website on their ethical and secure servers in Switzerland.

We create mobile Apps (Android, iOS and Web Apps) using the GoodBarber CMS, enabling you to update the content of your Apps easily.

Graphic design

Artamedia creates your visual identity and applies it to all your communication media.

Do you need a logo for your project? Do you have a clear vision of what you want, or would you prefer to give us free rein? We look forward to showing you the fruits of our labour..

This logo may be used to embellish business cards, letterheads, flyers, posters, signage panels and tarpaulins... We take charge of the entire production chain, from the creation of each visual to printing on any type of material.

As soon as generative AI arrived on the scene, Artamedia started training in these tools, which unleash creativity and push back the boundaries of what's possible to the farthest reaches of the imagination. Without giving up on paper sketches, photography and conventional image processing, we have added another string to our bow: mastery of new computer-aided design technologies.

Graphisme et design
Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

We develop AI-based solutions to help you save time and increase efficiency.

The speed at which new technologies, enhanced by artificial intelligence, are emerging is astonishing. What used to be measured in years is now measured in weeks or days...

AI is opening up new horizons.
For example, personalised assistants complement customer service, accompany employees or students on training courses, or carry out repetitive and tedious tasks, improving employee comfort and efficiency.

Titulaires des premières certifications Microsoft disponibles, nous avons pris les devants afin de pouvoir vous conseiller et mettre sur pieds les outils de demain d'aujourd'hui ! 

As holders of the first Microsoft certifications available, we've taken the lead so that we can advise you and set up the tools of tomorrow today!

Please note that the illustrations on this site were created with the help of AI!

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